Otsego County Micro Loan

The Otsego Micro Loan Project is a loan, not a grant.  The loan of up to $2,000 is used to fill a gap in an emergent need.  This project was started to help those families who live paycheck to paycheck and/or have limited resources to pay an unanticipated expense. 

Some things we want you to know before applying:

1.  You must have invoices clearly stating who will need to be paid as we do not pay applicant.

2.  Your budget must be complete and show all money that is available in household.

3.  You must have a checking or savings account so that an ACH loan payment can be withdrawn. (Exceptions due occur for this)

4.  It takes about 7-10 business days for the loan to be screened and processed.


Contact the United Way of Mid Rural New York, Inc. office at 607-334-8815 for a loan application or access the online application by clicking HERE